Saturday, December 3, 2016

In The Service Of What? By, Kahne & Westheimer

What I got from this article was how important it is to do some sort of service learning in your life. It doesn't matter what your age is, you should really invest in some sort of service learning in your life. In the article it talks about a 7th grade class and a 12th grade class. The 7th grade class comes up with a group idea to do as a service learning activity for the community. While the 12th grade class has to go find there own service learning activity for the community. Even though they do it in school, at least there giving back to the community.

This article made me realize why we talk about are service learning in class. In the article it says that if you talk about your service learning you are more likely to get more out of it. So when we talk for 30-45 minutes in class at least we know we are really getting a really good feel for the service learning, and what it's about. I say this because we talk about the good, funny, awkward, and bad stories we have during are service learning. 

I can proudly say I can understand this article well as I have put my time into service learning. I have done boy scouts so I have done a lot of fundraisers and volunteering events. I have also volunteered for my school to go read to kindergarteners. I did this in 11th and 12th grade and it was really fun to do this for those kids. I could really see the service learning goals happening. The ones I saw and did that Kahne and Westheimer talked about were charity, change, moral, giving, caring, and civic duty.

This is how this article related to me.

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