Friday, December 2, 2016

Promising Practices

At Rhode Island College's Promising Practices, I learned quiet a few things in the workshops I did. The first workshop I did was called Mindfulness in Kindergarten. This was an interesting workshop because it showed a lot of ways how simply calming down the kids and letting them relax would help them improve in school. They improve because when they are calm they are paying more attention in class. So one exercise we did in the workshop was that the instructor rang a bell while we were quiet and told us to see how long we could hear the bell for.
After we listened long for the bell we all felt so much more relaxed, and mindful. So it was cool to learn this. Here are there things that can help with mindfulness in kindergarten.

The second workshop I did was called Healthy Life styles, you heath your life. This one was great because I'm a PE/Health major so this really interested me. I learned a lot about how when your younger you usually are healthier then when you move out and get older. This is because when you are young you usually aren't as stressed out and your parents usually have good foods to eat. But when you move out you tend to stress over a lot of things like money. When you stress it can lead to over eating. And when you don't have a lot of money you have a lot of unhealthy foods. So this was cool to learn. To learn about more Healthy lifestyle choices click here.

To connect these workshops and things I learned to course texts I would say that Delpit would connect to the kindergarten workshop because when the instructor rang the bell we all got quiet to listen to it as long as we could. This could be used to show rules and codes of power to younger kids.

In the Healthy lifestyle workshop we talked a little bit about how someone who is LGBT me be less healthy sometimes because there stress about other people. This could connect to August because when someone who is LGBT is in a safe place, they can live a safe and more healthy life.

Last Author that connects to these workshops would have to be Christensen. I think he connects to both workshops because the instructors would tell us the right materials, tools, and resources to do a lot of activities to bring mindfulness to kindergarteners, or be more healthy.

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