Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Problem We All Live With

In the audio clip the narrators all have similar themes in regards to segregation in schools. They talk a lot about how schools aren't as unsegregated enough yet. They talk about the Brown vs. The Board of Education, and how now schools can't tell a student of different race or ethnicity that they can't go to that school. But What happens instead is that most student minorities end up going to poor quality inner city schools, and this is not helping them because the schools in the cities are not good educational schools. These schools just can't seem to teach these students enough. These schools have tried to change teachers, curriculum, and administrators. But none of this stuff works. In these areas the students just don't seem to have the motivation to receive a good education. So some may think that it's not the schools fault, but to me I think it is. I think that these schools need to reach out to parents and talk to them about how important it is for these kids to pay attention in school. If the students all go to school and pay attention, and the teachers and curriculum is good there is no reason for the lack of success. It all starts with the kids when there young. It doesn't matter if you go to a school in the suburbs or a school in the inner city. If the kids are all taught the importance of education there is no reason for them to fail. And there is no reason to bring up the Brown vs. The Board of Education. I say this doesn't have to do with this case because the government didn't force these kids to go to these schools. Its there parents fault for living in these areas and putting there kids in these schools. But with lots of work, these schools can become great, and help all kids receive a great education. And to me that is what really matters the most.

This to me connects to SCWAAMP a little bit because to me this audio is trying to make the white race seem like they have a better education. When I think that all races have an equal chance at education depending on how much effort they put in.

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